Posture Pole


Ease Neck, Back or Shoulder pain FAST.

Working all day in the same position day in day out, no matter what your profession is; causes certain stresses on your body.  

You may feel pain in your neck or back, your arm and hand or your leg and foot. Apart from the pain you may have other symptoms like weakness, tingling or numbness may occur.

A Posture Pole can Help.

Back Vitalizer


The Back Vitalizer delivers all the benefits of an exercise ball, spreads the pressure over a wider area, activates postural muscles and unlocks the tension which causes pain. 

The cushion encases air in a revolutionary new way which allows it to flow continuously.  The movement stimulates the cerebellar system taking pressure off the sitting bones, alleviating discomfort in your body.

A must for office workers or Drivers, you will be amazed at the difference it makes!

Traumeel Cream and Tablets



Homeopathic Product.
Natural Anti-Inflammatory
For temporary relief
Soft Tissue Trauma
For Symptomatic Relief

Available in Tablet or Cream

They are a great support to keep at home for times when you have pain.

Gift Vouchers


Essence of Health Gift Vouchers are available in your choice of: 

90 Minute

60 Minute

30 Minute sessions.

They can be used for any of the services offered with the therapist of your choice.

Essential Oils


We stock a small range of Essential Oils for your convenience and we are happy to get specific oils in for you if we don't have the particular one you want.

Schuessler Tissue Salts


Tissue salts are Homoeopathically prepared inorganic minerals which naturally restore balance at a cellular level.

Yes Tissue Salts are safe. They are nontoxic, non-addictive, have no side effects and can safely be taken by pregnant women and infants. Tissue Salts can also be safely taken alongside prescribed medicines.